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Rebuild Tigray

Let's join hands to design our future.

The ongoing war on Tigray has devastated all aspects of Tigray including the economic and social infrastructures. Tigray Hub is committed to supporting the post-war reconstruction and rebuilding efforts by serving as a Hub:

If we had our own mark on the ever-present timeline, what would our mark be?Bringing together people with diverse expertise and interests to develop projects to aid the multi-sectoral rebuilding process. We offer training opportunities to realize knowledge transfer. Hosting and showcasing Projects of different kinds and Identifying and developing global partnerships.

Our Main Focus


We focus on providing input to quality education mainly with our short courses and internship opportunities. We do this to contribute to the journey of rebuilding the Tigray educational system.


Our world is advancing in technology, we aim to be able to understand our world and use this knowledge for practical purposes in advancing science and technology for the good of all humanity, with a special focus on the future of Tigray.


Our entrepreneurship department started with a simple canvas, design thinking, and incubation programs but with the aim of integrating Entrepreneurship into the Tigray educational system.