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You are the future of Tigray!

We are looking for bright minds to be part of our incubation program. This is an entrepreneurship training program and will give you an introduction to new venture creation (NVC). At the end of the program, you will have an eye-catching three-sentence business model elevator pitch, which you may be able to present to an investor. You will have a well-composed business plan for seed or angel round fundraising, and a product prototype validated on the concept level for the final presentation demonstration. Want to join?

You ideas are worth exploring!

Current Projects

Visit Tigray is a project that works on broad tourism including eco-tourism-cultural, spiritual facets, tangible & intangible resources to harness Tigray Tourism Development.

We use technology, in relation to the socio-cultural of our community and the world in the spirit of creating a comprehensive and bright future for Tigray.

Deamat is an online platform that connects smallholder and commercial farmers with consumers. Deamat believes that working on agri-tech will improve lives and hopes to take part in the process of rebuilding Tigray.